28 years of manufacturing attachments

JEMMS-Cascade, Inc.

  • Founded February 1988
  • Continuous improvements through durability & capability testing
  • Over 2,000 customs built
  • High capability for torque’s from 1.5 – 5,000 NM

Standard package includes

  • Installation instructions
  • Complete component list with drawing
  • Assembly instructions
  • Standard information regarding capability and efficiency
  • Demonstrative samples
  • STP drawing files
  • Access to online database


  • Complete design includes Full Complement Needle & sealed bearings
  • Sleek & Robust gear design
  • Rigorous inspection of all components during manufacturing
  • External lubrication points
  • Part number and necessary safety markers on all attachments
  • Reference database for engineered to order products across all vertical business segments.

U.S. Patents • State-of-the-art Equipment • Global Strategy

Product Proliferation

  • Tube-Nut Attachments – Patented
  • Offset Attachments
  • Hold & Drive
  • Inline Tube-Nuts & Attachments
  • 20° Tube-Nuts & Attachments
  • Multi-Spindle
  • Weather-strip Attachment – Patented
  • Safety Sleeves – Patented
  • Whipless Extensions – Patented
  • Fixtured Attachments and Sliding Spindles
  • Custom Angle Heads
  • Quick Change Heads
  • Multi-socket Heads
  • Ergonomic Starter Tools

JEMMS has the resources available to create the tools you need.

Machinery and Equipment

  • Mills
  • Haas vf3
  • Fadal vmc 3016l


  • Eurotech elite e2 multiflex


  • Beamer laser marking systems

JEMMS is committed to build for manufacturing and offers engineering services as a partnership commitment for our customers. This is a courtesy which we provide as value to our customers worldwide.


  • Mockup
  • Design
  • Part Engineering
  • 3D Modeling
  • FEA


  • Product Analysis
  • Identify perishable content
  • Set ERP min/max scheduling
  • Establish plant blanket
  • Set global turnaround time standard

Supply Chain/Inventory

  • Negotiated global turnaround time for perishable new program indirect material from JEMMS
  • ERP Min/Max set on customer pre-emptive data and usage tailored for plant manufacturing needs
  • Documented for each new program product proliferation

Manufacturing turnaround time on perishable parts demands responsiveness from suppliers and partners. JEMMS guarantees part turnaround time on new program launches based on product proliferations our customers have acquired.

Testing Capability

  • Cm/Cmk validation
  • Cg/Cgk calibration
  • Cp/Cpk process emulation
  • Torque test cart

JEMMS-Cascade, Inc. products are WARRANTED to be free of defect in material and craftsmanship for 1 (one) year or 250,000 cycles.


Engineering, testing, and validation drives our commitment for our customers under the most rigorous manufacturing conditions. Nobody else in the industry holds to this standard.

Quote availability

  • Bill of material, drawing file, STP files are included on all quotes
  • 48-hour turnaround for common designs
  • 3-5 day for custom design
  • Common list pricing available for standard designs

238 Executive Drive, Troy, MI 48083 

Phone: 248.526.8100

Fax: 248.526.0019



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