QX Series Transducered Battery Tooling

Next-Generation Productivity. The innovative QX Series is a revolutionary step for your entire facility, one that shows how a smarter tool can improve process control, operator comfort and data communication in a single package while increasing productivity, lowering costs and ensuring a high-quality product at the end of your line – all at a price you can afford today. Tools that put you in total control are the future of assembly. That future is here, that future is REAL.

At Ingersoll Rand we understand the need for manufacturing flexibility and total traceability. The QX Series’ Cordless & Wireless package delivers all the features and benefits of a conventional DC fastening system in an ergonomic flexible battery tool covering total torque range of 0.4Nm to 2000Nm.

Alongside our QX Cordless Precision Fastening System we also product some of the most reliable and flexible DC Systems in the industry as well as our market leading pulse tools & air tools.

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