Low Cost Transducerised Precision Screwdrivers

We offer a wide selection of ASG brand products including torque control, error-proofing and process control products, digital calibration equipment, X-PAQ™ precision fastening systems, production aides and assembly workstation accessories.

ASG introduced the X-PAQTM transducerized, torque/angle control brushless DC tools in 2010. The focus of this product line is to offer an affordable precision torque control and data management system with intuitive, user friendly programming, with the controllers, screwdrivers and accessories being engineered and manufactured at our headquarters facility in Cleveland, Ohio. This coupled with ASG’s reputation for being “easy to do business with” and a strong capable distribution network has made the X-PAQTM very successful.

Key end markets served by X-PAQ™ include aerospace, tier automotive, electronics, telecommunication, medical, and defense.

Here are a few of the brands we supply and advise on