With over 20 years experience in the sales and implementation of production tooling, covering the full spectrum of requirements and all leading brands, CAS should be your first port of call for clear and concise advise, support and quotations.

With the plethora of brands available and sometimes confusing multitude of options, CAS’ team is on hand to guide you through your tooling procurement process. Our goal is to ensure that you purchase the correct tooling or system to suit your application first time around, this not only means that you have the correct tool for the job, but also ensures long term cost savings and efficiencies can be realised. The right tool may initially cost more or mean changes to your existing process, but once in place will ensure the redundancy of hidden extra’s and deletion of non value added elements in your processes.

As you will have seen, above are various logos of some of the main manufacturers we advise on and distribute. Below is a brief insight into these companies’ products.

Desoutter and Techmotive offer extensive ranges of transducerised production tooling and associated equipment. CAS are experts in the practical implementation of products from pneumatic, battery and sophisticated electric screwdrivers and nutrunners to full process control and data collection solutions.

Makita are well known for their general trade battery powered tool range, however, Makita also manufacture battery powered production tooling. An extensive range of brushed and now brushless screwdrivers and nutrunners as well as Bluetooth models are available for complete traceability. CAS specialise in all Makita products and are the market leader in terms of production tool sales and installations.

Ubisense produces a world-leading Real-Time Location System (RTLS), and CAS supplies high-quality consultancy, installation services and support for leading production tooling products.

Jemms and Lubbering manufacture bespoke tooling attachments. CAS have an expert team capable of identifying problem assembly solutions. Working closely with the aforementioned companies, one-off crowfoot/geared offset attachments can be manufactured to solve even the most problematic production dilemmas.

PivotWare specialise in process control applications, devices and solutions. Off the shelf products are available that manage complex production processes and capture and report process critical data. With a distinct advantage over others in this industry, PivotWare can write bespoke applications, implementing complete process control solutions that are configurable ‘in-house’. This not only produces an unrivalled bespoke system, but vastly reduces life time costs if future process changes are needed.

Crane Electronics are a global market leader in torque monitoring equipment. Products include torque wrenches, torque management software and audit devices.

Visumatic manufacture the latest technology in automated screw feeding equipment. CAS are Europe’s trading partner, therefore have exclusive access to the complete Visumatic range.

CP are a global brand, manufacturing high quality, durable, pneumatic tooling. With a full range of products such as impact wrenches, screwdrivers, grinders, sanders and polishers, CP should be high on your agenda when purchasing such tooling.

RediPower and Rodcraft are manufacturers of economy pneumatic tooling. Affordable tooling that doesn’t compromise on quality.

PARKAIR offer an extensive range of pneumatic fittings and accessories. For couplings, fittings and hose to small air compressors, blow guns and hose reels, PARKAIR should be your first thought.

SEALEY produce an extensive range of tools, garage equipment and accessories. CAS have access to their full range with excellent discounts.

Wera are a global company manufacturing tool bits, tooling accessories and complete tool sets, instantly recognisable for quality and durability.